About me


I live and work in Belgium, but I was born and raised in Russia. Four years ago I moved to Berlin to study in the New School of Photography and to build my life and career in this bustling city. However, in unpredictable ways, love led me to the beautiful city of Ghent.

I’ve been a professional photographer for over 10 years, working mainly with couples, families and children. That is how I came to my actual style, a mixture of portrait and lifestyle (documentary) shooting. A documentary photo attracts me, because I love it when people do not pose, but live in the moment with real emotions. That is what I try to catch through my camera.

I am inspired by love, architecture, nature, day-changing light and its play while shooting.

I am a romantic and a dreamer, so I am the one that’s very likely to cry on your wedding.

5 facts about me:

My favorite city in the world is Berlin. My heart starts to beat faster when I see its outline from the plane window.

This year I got married to the man of my dreams. I love to make pictures of us together. He’s not a big fan of this (like most of the guys) but gives up when he sees me so excited.

I love snowboarding and hiking in the mountains. I am definitely not the fastest one, because I want to shoot every picturesque scenery I encounter.

I am a big fan of flowers and growing plants.

I enjoy every day of my life and always try to find beauty in it, even in small things.